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There is a prayer for peace between each other.  People pray for trapped miners in any mine, and then we hear that these miners are saved when they say that we were also praying for help. E Really, there is no other help like prayer at the time of trouble…  Why should you wait in the trouble to pray? ‘  Why should not prayer be made as a strong companion of life?  When the miraculous results of prayer get done, the news of the page gets done before and it is true that people are talking about the unity of prayer, but my question is, what is the problem of children praying at innocent prices?  What is the reason for praying that we should pray over the table of food?  What is the prayer of a person who is only talking to the Lord?  |  Working with different types of people, I have studied different ways of praying.  In my personal life, I have experienced the acknowledgment of the power of prayer and in the same way, many people have heard the talk of benefiting from prayer.  The problem here is how to tell a third person how to pray!  People who are in trouble are in trouble.  Experiences are losing their ability to think and do not know what to do at that time.  Their problems have made them deaf and tired.  The power of hearing and understanding is over.  At that time, they are looking for a direct remedy, which is easy and so specific.  Wish Rosary’s Prayer If there is a unique thing in this book, it is that he is written in a very expressive manner.  Here you will find simple, easy-to-use conics and remedies.  Which you can use in your daily life.  All these simple things are taught to men and women around the world.  (Guinea – Here you will find why many times you get the opposite of what you are praying. People from all over the world have asked me thousands of times, ‘Tired of praying, but why do not I get any answers?’  ‘In this book, you will find ’cause of this common complaint. Affecting the subconscious mind and getting its answer. Do not know theirs.

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You do not have to do these religions in this, because you do not have to talk to you. So you have the power of your substratum in dls time, for every person’s mind, the miraculous powers of the subconscious mind, you and my birth) existed.  There was an establishment of a church or the origin of this world.  The eternal truths and rules of life are all religions.  Previously existed.  Keeping these thoughts in mind, I will recognize the power that can bring a wonderful, miraculous, changeable power over you in the following chapters.  This will stop your assertion and physical wounds, your terrified me will become free and give them salvation from poverty, dysfunctional, lack and frustration. You just have to do so that you have to bind yourself with mental and emotional well-being.  .  Accordingly, the creative power of your subconscious mind will handle everything.  Let’s start just today  See, what magic comes into your life!  Continue to the darkness until it turns out to be alive in life; Your subconscious mind is your ‘Darkroom’. You know that if you want to “redefine” the photograph, then you have to open it by moving it to the “Darkroom”.  Your subconscious mind is your magnificent darkroom. “It is a hidden place where you live in a bad state.  About this subconscious, everything is stiff to inform you: is.  Do not worry.  That they are theirs – that’s why your name and dress are your parents, your neighbors or the car that you ride – all this is not your identity – this does not prove your identity, but whatever belief you have, you believe it  All of them put the one-way shape into your grand “darkroom”, and that is what becomes your identity. The essence of this is that your subconscious mind is completely neutral. It is your choice or behavior.  Why do not you say that it is good or bad to the whole world, and that is why when we inadvertently allow negative thoughts to enter our subconscious mind, often the negative thoughts affect our everyday life and relationships.  It is true that we are responsible for whatever happens with us, where we are. 

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16 Power of your Subclauses learned to walk, learn to dance, learn from dancing, or playing Vagator, – you accepted the idea and then thought that you did all of them – these actions became your nature.  Prayer is something special.  It works according to the higher rule.  No one is running your car in Petla.  Petrol is the first to take the form of air – he has to change his nature to produce power.  Just like you have to change your mind.  So that they change your world and you can achieve your goal.  |  Like mental preparedness, wealth is created in the first half of the mind.  To get immense wealth first, Toby had to fill the subconscious mind with her thoughts.  ‘|  If you fully recognize the power of the mind, then you will be sure that whatever economic situation, the market of the stock market or the recession or the circumstances of the war, your life will go smoothly, the reason for this is that you have asked your subconscious mind to think about wealth and that  Your ‘darkroom’ has been delivered to them and therefore they are getting items.  I have told you that the money will always be allowed to flow in your life and you will see that you have got extra money. I will say that till tomorrow the government becomes financially bankrupt and all of your existing  You will be able to create wealth even when the capital becomes unpaid and your life will smoothly come to pass. “Your subconscious mind’s scandal”  So do not worry, old ideas have to be removed.  Think of things that are good, shy and gentle, just do it now and see if those things come around you or not.  Remember that the Lord has declared everything is good and better – so you also have to do the same.  If you think this way, you will be able to give new ideas to your thoughts and you will not have any fault in the stereotype that has come up in your life.

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Power of Your Subcontractor ds.  If you succeed in finding the 1-hour old mysterious secret and start implementing, then your personality will also become powerful like magnetism, nine and art powerful, it is not enough to make you lose your business, you will not be able to fulfill the best of the ages.  |  Suppose someone tells you the name of Vagary and Slovakia secrets, what will be your answer?  Impulse 1 Between Two Jokes?  Lake Hal!  No, there is no.  None of these, then this is the best mystery?  A Where do they meet someone?  How can it be implemented and understood?  In it |  The answer is quite simple.  This mystery is that your subconscious mind, with astounding, miraculous power, has not noticed the attention to the medieval people, and only so few people have been able to find it.  Know the power of your subconscious mind to recognize the hidden power of your subconscious mind and use it!  Once you know how to do it, you will be able to get more power in your life, more fortunate assets, better health, more happiness, and full bliss…  You do not need to get this power from BADAR, because it is still available to you now.  If you learn how to use it only when it needs to go.  You need to get in front of its opponents.  So do  S You can use it in every sphere of life.  _.  Abdominal  If you have a simple technique and method explained in this book?  Follow the knowledge and knowledge you need to follow.  After that you will bring a light of a new world and a new passion will make your hopes come true and make your dreams come true.  So you just nail your nails to make that grand, noble, valuable, and noble life that you never had before.  Free the endless wisdom, infinite energy, and work in the depths of your mind, all the infinite content needed to be filled.  All of these materials are waiting for development and expression.  If you are aware of the power of your mind today and presently, then in this world of change, whatever shape it is in shape.  If you have the desire to get everything, then your time is in the subconscious mindset of the system that you know every time and at the place, you have power and work.

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For example, the electric that you search for and respect.  Too much dioxide particles in you  AV;  Easy, sideways as well as this 20  Power of Your Subaccounts Mind can be done for you, which you want to get.  For many years I was in the chemistry profession.  In one of the first months of the beginning of the turning years, I was just learning that two hydrogen molecules and oxygen can be gathered and water will be formed.  Sometimes or not, sometimes it’s not, but ever  If you combine an oxygen atom and carbon atoms with a molecule then it will produce toxic y carbon monoxide, but if you mix an increase in the mixture, then the inescapable y, called carbon dioxide, will be produced, which is very important for plants and animals.  .  According to Unconscious Cause.  These facts are true on a global scale and can not be worked out, instead.  This is known as the law of science. The principles of chemistry, physics, or mathematics are not different from the principles of the subconscious mind.  Just like you have to know the rules of the Scriptures in order to use the power of chemical or material, you need to know its rules if you want to use the power of your subconscious mind.  Let us take an example of the common law that the water has its surface.  This whole world is the accepted rule.  Any water in the world is applied at the same time any time.  Some people like water also apply to your fluid.  |  The ancient Egyptians knew this law.  They used this rule to get the proper level of foundation, to remember the huge pyramid.  These engineers use it to build the canal and hydroelectric power station ideas.  That’s you – take another rule – it takes only if the object is given heat.  This is the common truth that is acceptable in every state and in every situation.  If you heat steel, it is China, England.  Is there.  And in India only will flourish.  He will also be in the space station.  It starts by heating up the substance, it grows.  This is a global truth.  Similarly, there is a universal truth that when you are on your subconscious mind!  If the impression is expressed in the form of state, experience, and event.  – Your prayers are answered because there is a rule of your subconscious mind and that rule means to take the action and action of the person.  Own  This will take

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The Crop Circle is the Power of Your Sub counts Mind, which is based on your idea of ​​the thorny nail structure.  So fill your mind with the thoughts of harmony, peace, and goodwill, and then see what magic happens in your life.  You have no relation to the result with the art symbol that is right or wrong.  You will get the result.  Your subconscious mind reflects your mind’s thoughts.  Let faith be a part of your thoughts – just enough.  If your subconscious mind gives a new lubricant, it will make you new.  The two sides of the mind you are the only one, but it is divided into two different and special hearts.  The boundary that separates these two minds, then the person who knows the mind well knows.  These two functions of mind have gone from one another and each has its own special powers.  Many names have been given to differentiate these two main areas of the mind.  In which subjective and subjective mind, vigilant and subconscious mind, vigilant and sleepy mind includes a deep and deep mind, voluntary and unselfish mind, male and female psycho …  All these meanings, but it is clear that it has two sides of the mind.  This book is in all places in the book to show the dual work of the mind.  The vigilant and subconscious mind has used words.  If you have other words  If you find it easier, you’re free to use it.  The important thing is simply that you recognize and accept the dual work of the mind.  To understand the mind of the vigilant and subconscious mind, the rule of the mind is only the social cemetery.  It’s a great way to get to know the two areas of your mind.  Look at it as a garden.  You’re a gardener  You sow seeds in your subconscious mind all day long.  Many times you do not even regret that you are sowing seeds, because it is the habit of thinking about sowing your seeds.  Which are you subconscious me  Sow is the result of your body and atmosphere.  Think of your subconscious mind as fertile soil.  A better replacement, with a replacement A, for mother’s sake

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26 Power of Your Subconscious Mind is because it has power in its hands.  They must know everything, so engineers do not discuss with the captain, they act as the order.  The captain is the master of the ship.  Her rights are implemented.  This way you keep your body in the waking mind.  Your subconscious mind and your all the things are “masters” and captains. Your subconscious mind decides what you are giving – these orders are based on the beliefs of your vigilant mind and the good that you feel. Your subconscious mind is against this order  Question does not arise or does not know on which basis these orders were given. | You can tell yourself repeatedly that, “I can not afford this”, then your subconscious mind  You will accept the truth and then keep it in a constant state so that you can not buy your desired things. As long as you say, “The carrier can not afford me, I can not afford it, I can not afford it.”  Surely, your subconscious mind will follow all of these orders. You will not be able to go through all this life, and you will think back to yourself that circumstances have done all this.  On the eve of a Christmas Eve, the girl named Nina was staying in a special shopping area of ​​Beverly Hills, she was a student of Southern California University and had to spend a holiday with her family at New York, Buffalo, and  His mind was full of thoughts.  A shop glass show – in case he saw a Spanish leather bag.  The bag was small and huggable.  It became my mind to buy it.  After that, the value was seen and it was called “Bap ray”.  He himself was about to say, “I can not afford this expensive bag.  “But soon she remembered what I told in a lecture, never talk negatively.  Rinse it and then see how shocking it is in your life.  “- He looked at the bag across the glass and said,” This bag is mine.  It’s for sale.  I’m mentally accepting it and telling my subconscious mind what I would get them.  “
He is highly regarded as a sensible and knowledgeable subject of his subcoupes, as he does not argue about anything and does not argue with you.  Your subconscious mind is like a land, which is good or bad.  Accepts seeds of type.  Negative, destructive thoughts will work negatively in your subconscious mind.  Early or late they will all shape their properties.  Is there.  Car – Remember that the subconscious mind is to prove to the world that you do not have to: Whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or false, they will behave according to your thoughts and suggestions.  For example, if you believe that something is true, even if it is wrong, your subconscious mind will accept it as it is right and proceed according to it as it said because you remain vigilant.  That was truly believed.  You are a psychoanalyst experiment world: |  Psychologists and others have made numerous experiments on those people that you are in a “hypnotic” state. This study has made it clear that the fascinated subconscious mind does not select or compare it to the logical process. It is necessary that your subconscious mind  Accept the suggestion, then comes, even if it is wrong. Once he accepts that suggestion, the sensation attributes of the suggestion  Let’s take a quick look at this. If a nurse is a “Pinochet” subjective after her own medium, suggesting that she has more car Napoleon Bonaparte or a dog or cat  The person will behave exactly the same way.  If a dog has been told, it will start to bark and if the cat has said it will be “Mau, Meow”. The gifted hypnotist can see different students in different rooms in one room, suggesting that one comes to your back, tells others to get blood from your nose.  That is, say to the third you are the statue of the marble and tell the fourth, there is now less than zero degrees, then they all behave according to the suggestions given to them.  – These examples will help you to find the difference between your vigilant and logical mind and your subconscious mind, you have a subconscious mind, the choice is zero, the one who accepts your vigilant mind, and accept it as true.  Do not worry about the selection of fantasies, what exactly are you, what you can do is take everything else/

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Jr Your Awakening It Does Not Have To Take Any Car Suggestion Power Your Subconscious Mind of Power The subconscious mind can not logic like your vigilant mind!  Your subconscious mind does not have the ability to argue or quarrel over what has been said.  If you give it the wrong information it will accept it as true.  It will then start efforts to correct that information.  Suggestions you made, even if it is a mistake, will still approve it as a situation, experience, and an event.  Whatever happened to you on the ship has happened due to a timid impression on the subconscious mind of your thoughts, which is the basis of your beliefs.  So face-to-face if you have given false or distorted thoughts to your subconscious mind, do I have advice to him or her to improve it.  The right path for this is that you?  Give your subconscious mind creative and well-thought-out thoughts often.  ‘Your suggestion will give you such ideas often, so your subconscious mind will accept their cabs.  In this way, you should give a new, healthy habit of negativity about life and your subconscious mind is a great place to practice habits.  |  Due to the same tone of thinking, your vigilant mind makes a deep impression in your subconscious mind.  If you are thinking of confirming your thoughts, |  E.  If you are peaceful and constructive, then your subconscious mind will respond to a harmonious, peaceful people’s creation of a constructive atmosphere.  Have you been a victim of fear, anxiety and other destructive thoughts?  It is a different way to get it – know the power of your subconscious mind and salvation, happiness. |  Now ask for full and complete health.  Your subconscious mind is associated with constructive and divine numeric, so it is better to order liberation and happiness immediately.  Constructive feedback.  You will be able to see the overwhelming power of suggestion that we have been discussing so far.  Be aware that your vigilant mind works like a “guard with the door.”  To be consistent, the most precautionary work in all the works is to misprint your subconscious mind.  Protects against suggestions that do not help.  The basic principle of mind 1 works behind this being important is that your subconscious mind is highly sensitive to the suggestion.  As you know now, your subconscious mind never compares or opts for anything.  It’s not logical and in its own way  Do not think  This work does your vigilant mind.  Your subconscious mind is [have you?  This may not have been slightly increased words.  The last mind keeps in mind the suggestion. Now anybody suggested the concept (the idea is: without self-will, the mind is that it suggests.

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Us important but also ourselves.  Will go  I acknowledge that Power of the Subconscious Mind was not afraid of “C-Sickness”. He had made himself on this fear so that the negative suggestion did not create fear, but the passenger had an impact on it  The suggestion has been affected because we all have our internal beliefs, opinions, and opinions. These internal assumptions are the driving force of our lives.  At the same time, your subconscious powers act as per the instructions are given in the suggestion, and eventually, they lose their hands. At the London Tooth Forum, which I established.  I have given regular lecture categories for years in Captain Hall. The director of this forum or Dr. Evelyn Fleet, I talk to a person  She had been suffering from jaundice and her skin during the day, she and others tried it out for different types of treatment, but no action was possible. This person’s body was completely frustrated and therefore sometimes to her friends and when  Suggestions were telling myself that, if my daughter is recovering then I am ready to give her right hand.  “Tell me Dr.  According to Fleet, one day the whole family was getting exhausted in the car and there was a scuffle accident.  The person’s father’s hand was cut off from the shoulder.  When he returned home from the hospital, he saw that his daughter had become a mother-in-law.  You should be especially careful when suggesting your subconscious mind.  You should give suggestions that are as blessed, it can be inspirational, painful, and cheerful.  Remember, your subconscious mind does not understand the joke.  It only takes your suggestion according to its meaning.  How self-realization removes fear means self-denial – A person should suggest himself in a solid and specific matter.  If an instrument is used incorrectly, it can be damaged if it is used properly and used properly.

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